Product display policy


1. Illegal product or service

The product or service must not contain information that is inappropriate, illegal or unsafe, or that is exploitative, misleading, or otherwise pressuring.

2. Discriminatory behavior

Information that is not of a nature that discriminates or promotes racism, or is offensive to any nation or country;

3. Tobacco and tobacco related products

Do not promote tobacco products and tobacco related supplies, e-cigarettes, essential oil vaporizers or any other product that simulates smoking behavior.

4. Addictive substances and addictive substance related products

Do not display or encourage the use of stimulants, illegal drugs or prescription drugs. Do not disseminate information that is prohibited by law such as: use of heroin, ecstasy, murder, robbery, etc. (eg, cannabis leaf prints, shisha); discourage advertising for the use of harmful products such as alcohol, beer, cigarettes, ... Prohibit posting of alcohol in any form. Not inciting, provoking or enticing others to drink alcohol or beer.

5. Weapons, ammunition or explosives

Prohibit the sale of weapons, ammunition or explosives products, including accessories that alter weapons.

6. Intellectual property rights violation

Prohibit infringement of the intellectual property rights and / or any trademarks of any third party;

7. False information, counterfeit, fake goods, smuggled, fraudulent and fraudulent goods

Do not post junk, disrupt or discredit information provided by the IBG Points Service;

Do not give incorrect or confusing content to other businesses. For example information contains pictures, logos, addresses, hotlines, links of other businesses or websites of other businesses;

Enterprise commits not to promote products or services that are banned or ineligible for circulation, banned from import, and banned from distributing the list of restricted products as prescribed by law, fake goods, counterfeit goods, smuggled goods , products that violate intellectual property, products that violate or potentially violate current laws.

8. The language is vulgar, contrary to the fine customs and traditions of the host country

The content does not contain reactionary, anti-inflammatory, anti-religious, obscene, violent language that goes against the fine customs, traditions and culture of the host country;

Do not criticize, defame, slander, misrepresent, or offend the dignity of any individual or organization.

Not spreading depraved culture (tapes, books, articles, articles)

9. Community Principles

Post only the photos and videos you have taken or have permission to share.

Post photos, videos, content suitable for many audiences

Respect other members of the IBG ecosystem

Do not manipulate or incite others to injure themselves

10. Adult product or service

Do not promote adult products or services, except for family planning and contraceptive products. The contraceptive device / pill product must focus on the contraceptive features of the product, not on sexual pleasure or arousal and must be clearly stated for persons 18 years of age or older.

11. Avoid systems
Tricks may not be used to avoid, falsify the App IBG's review process or other execution systems.

12. Spyware or malware

13. National secret

14. Play real money cards


1. Acoholic drink

2. Lottery

3. Functional foods

4. Beauty tips and weight loss

5. Feng shui items

Restricted products or services need to comply with all applicable laws of the host country, industry rules, guidelines, fully provision of qualified business licenses and approval information. required or available, and should include age. For example, a beer company must specify for persons over 18 years of age on store and product information.

Enterprises are responsible for providing full valid information and papers in accordance with the provisions of law relating to the industries and products to be displayed.

In case the displayed products are suspected of being counterfeit, counterfeit, or unsatisfactory IBG has the right to temporarily turn off the booth during the process of checking and clarifying information without prior notice to the Company.

IBG is entitled to waive liability and the Company is entirely responsible, indemnifying IBG for any damages incurred by IBG from a State agency and / or a third party caused by the Enterprise's failure to comply with the law. affects the exchange of IBG Points Service.

The company agrees and undertakes that IBG is entitled to use information related to booths, products and services for the purpose of introduction and advertising.

IBG USA, LLC reserves the right

1. Set up a store (Shop) on IBG

First, to display a booth on IBG you need to set up a booth.

In accordance with IBG USA, LLC. A booth is allowed to have a maximum of 10 products in stock. In which the default Business account is allowed to display 3 products and the default account is allowed to display 1 product publicly advertised to other members in the app.

Fill in all the necessary information about the store name, phone number, address, the same avatar image, booth information, ... so that customers are sure whether they are real or virtual shops, trustworthy or not .

2. How to post products on IBG

Store title, image, video and other relevant information must be consistent,

correct spelling, compliance with the regulations on posting of IBG. As follows:

1 / Product images: 1 product is allowed to post at least 2 photos and a maximum of 5 square photos with 1: 1 aspect ratio, clear images. The image displayed has an aspect ratio of 1: 1

2 / Product name up to 150 characters

3 / Description of products up to 2000 characters