Product display regulations


Introduction to IBG USA, LLC and IBG Vietnam

    • IBG USA, LLC (IBG): The Global Entrepreneurship Foundation. The company is headquartered at: 2825 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 559, Houston, Texas 77042, USA.

    • IBG USA, LLC: Investing in market research (Big Data); Specializes in market analysis based on statistical data; Research on consumer behavior to establish ecosystems through 4.0 technology platform.

    • IBG USA, LLC has 3 strategic partners: IBG Vietnam, IBG Global Funds, ONEsGROUP.

    • IBG Vietnam: An independent company with legal status (Seal and Tax ID). Legal activities in the territory of Vietnam.

    • IBG Vietnam: Strategic partner and exclusive service provider for IBG USA, LLC in the Vietnamese market

    • IBG's Mission: The Largest Trade Bridge For Consumers And Business Community Worldwide.


    • IBG USA, LLC operates a policy of operating on the Platform Loyalty Point 4.0 (Platform Loyalty Point 4.0) to ensure the interests of Customers and Enterprises.

    • The IBG point-of-sale service is created to provide businesses for businesses to give to users to retain customers after customers purchase products from the business. The purpose of IBG is to build a foundation to retain loyal customers and bring benefits to businesses and consumers.

    • This policy applies to businesses that register to use, create booths to display, introduce trades, and exchange point accumulation services that are implemented on the IBG 4.0 Points Service Platform.

    • Enterprises, organizations and individuals that participate in the exchange of points accumulation services on the IBG platform with products of equal value in the ecosystem, based on individual conditions and voluntariness.

    • Exchange activities IBG 4.0 points accumulation service must be conducted openly and transparently, ensuring the interests of consumers.

    • Exchange activities IBG 4.0 points earned on the IBG application platform must comply with the current legal system of the host country. It is the responsibility of the enterprise to self-learn and comply with relevant legal regulations when participating in the IBG ecosystem. At the same time, the Company agrees and commits to comply with the Terms and Conditions of use of IBG Vietnam and IBG USA LLC.

Enterprises are allowed to display all types of industries, except for the types of Enterprises specified in Article 6 of the 2014 Investment Law (61/2020 / QH14 Hanoi, June 17, 2020).
      1.1 Trading in the narcotic substances specified in Appendix I to this Law;
      1.2 Trading in chemicals and minerals specified in Appendix II of this Law;
      1.3 Trade in specimens of wild flora and fauna species specified in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Plants and Animals; specimens of endangered, precious and rare forest flora, fauna and aquatic animals of Group I originating from the wild as prescribed in Appendix III of this Law;
      1.4. Prostitution business;
      1.5. Buying and selling people, human tissues, corpses, organs, human fetuses;
      1.6. Business activities related to human cloning;
      1.7. Trading in firecrackers;
      1.8. Debt collection service;
Enterprises displaying goods and services on the list of goods and services in conditional business on their App IBG must provide a Certificate of Business Eligibility for such goods or services (In a Business Qualified Certificate is required by law).