• IBG USA, LLC (IBG): The Global Creative Entrepreneurs Organization. headquartered: 2825 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 559, Houston, Texas 77042, USA.
• IBG USA, LLC: Investing in market research (Big Data); Specializes in the market analysis based on statistical data; Research consumer behavior to establish ecosystems through 4.0 technology platform.
• IBG USA, LLC has 3 strategic partners: IBG Vietnam, IBG Global Funds, ONEsGROUP.
• IBG's Mission: The largest trade bridge for consumers and business community worldwide.

IBG Vietnam are ?

• IBG Vietnam: An independent company with legal status (Stamp and Tax ID). Legal activities in the territory of Vietnam.
• IBG Vietnam: Strategic and exclusive partner to deploy services for IBG USA, LLC in VietNam

Why did ONEsGROUP choose to cooperate with IBG (IBG apps) not otherwise ?

• ONEsGROUP sees potential in a market that IBG USA, LLC has researched and analyzed. ONEsGROUP will promote the exploitation of Timeshare service in the market thanks to the IBG app through the cashback algorithm up to 80%.
• IBG USA, LLC sees the market share ONEsGROUP wants to target. ONEsGROUP helps IBG USA, LLC to properly evaluate the consumer behavior of Version 1.0 - Translated and published by IBG Vietnam market in Vietnam. This platform helps both sides to benefit and quickly explore the market and gain market share.

What is vacation? Why is vacation redeemable for IBG points?

• Vacation Ownership is a travel model that provides the right to stay for buyers at a luxury resort for a specified period of time each year over a specified period. This service can be exchanged with other resorts in the same program.
• Vacation are also a product or service so you can exchange it for the IBG point. This is a peer-to-peer exchange based on exchange value.

Can I exchange, give vacation for other people?

• No, but you can give someone another year's vacation, sell someone else's vacation next year. You can do profile with other people.
• The company has a written contract document. ONEsGROUP company will support your loved to have a happy vacation

Can other vacation providers go to the IBG app to trade?

Yes, in the future. The IBG Platform will be the common platform used by Timeshare service providers.

How to own a vacation with IBG points service? Is there any difference from a cashback transaction?

ONEsGROUP is a strategic partner of IBG USA, LLC, so ONEsGROUP's Time Share products in the future will be integrated into smart contracts system. So it only takes a few clicks to get your vacation through the exchange of IBG points.

What is the upcoming IBG strategy?

• Currently IBG USA, LLC has announced the development strategy in stages, you can refer to the PWP file - project documentation. 
• Currently, IBG Vietnam focuses on developing users by the ecosystem in conjunction with strategic partners as required from IBG USA, LLC. 
• Infrastructure: 10/60 offices were deployed (8/2020). About 120 agents by the end of 2020. Version 1.0 - Translated and published by IBG Vietnam 
• Important strategies will be announced to the Business community and Consumers at the most appropriate time through communication channels from IBG Vietnam.

How IBG engage the Business join IBG community?

• Stimulus policy, we 100% free 4.0 technology platform, no fee for Enterprises.

• Offering the IBG point service for businesses to experiment.

• Why businesses do not participate in the IBG when the IBG ecosystem has hundreds thousands members?

When IBG IEO, what are the benefits of the community?

• The purpose of the IEO is we want to connect with the international community through the IEO. From there, IBG will proceed to expand the scope Services business to potential countries.

• IEO offers a method of ownership and liquidity through the Blockchain platform, which is very convenient for exchange in the international market.

I live in foreign country, I want to join the IBG app, what should I do?

• Thank you for your trust and love for the IBG app, please report information according to the policy.
• After that, you need a referral code, KYC your account to complete the procedure, and be able to use the app.

In Future, Do IBG intends to set up more branches in countries outside of Vietnam?

• The company will analyze the data and then decide which country will locate the next office. Our closest target is the United States, in 2021.
• For more information please update on the company website.

Where does IBG plan to open representative offices in Vietnam?

• Please update the information on the company's website. We will provide a roadmap as well as a development plan in certain phases.

• In the Terms and Conditions section we will not be required to provide certain important or confidential technology or development plans.
• From stage, we will announce the specific development strategy to the community through mainstream communication channels.

What are the risks of joining the IBG app?

• IBG USA, LLC has researched very carefully and statistics the Online market, Loyalty point service, BigData and Data Science, Drop Shipping, App Market ...
• You are smart consumer or Business, you do not take any risks. For businesses, we are free all charge.
• If you are an Investor in Loyalty point Service, you must ensure that you fully understand the principle of how the IBG app works. For the value of the IBG Loyalty point Service, identified as Stable Coin - Value does not change.
• The biggest risk, the IBG application is not active, the community participating in IBG includes Users and Enterprises leave. However, we are building real value based on social needs. This is difficult to happen when the Loyalty point service is seen as a necessary tool to stimulate demand for Users and Enterprises.

When I using IBG app in Vietnam, will I benefit from countries where IBG USA, LLC does business?

Absolutely, this platform is designed to help user communities and businesses around the world carry out the exchange of goods and services under peer-to-peer mechanism in value.

What guarantees the long-term operation of IBG?

• The mission and path of IBG USA, LLC you are clear. They did a good job of researching market and user behavior before they started implementing.
• Vietnam with 97 million people with about 43 million Smartphone (According to the Urban Economy magazine). What do you think when 7.3 billion of the world's population and about 30% of them own smartphones.
• The term ""Application Economy"" is a very hot topic recently. The Loyalty Point market worth $ 500 billion / year is a very fertile resource.
• Loyalty point service is currently rated as the best in stimulating consumer demand. Helping Enterprises develop the community of loyal users and customers. So why the IBG Service denied?
• IBG USA, LLC and IBG Vietnam are attacking the Loyalty Point market share with no competitors. This is very wonderful.
• In addition, there are 193 countries that IBG USA, LLC wants to visit. The opportunity for them to accompany with us is great.

Currently, COVID-19 is spreading. How is the business plan for IBG Vietnam?

• The problem is always has two-sided. You know that during the Covid-19 days that happened, business on the Internet was booming. Our App operates entirely on the basis of the Internet. The growth rate of the IBG app reached and exceeded 750% KPI. 
• We are 100% focused on our online business with our marketing tools to reach our target audience.

How to do when businesses want to join IBG?

Participating businesses need the following simple conditions:
• ID card / Identification in Vietnam, (Passport - for foreigners) the principal representative of the enterprise based on the current law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
• Business Permit includes a Corporate Tax Identification Number.
• Email.
• Business address.
• Business phone number.
• Shop images, product photos inside Shop.
• 30s clip showing the business owner in front of the premises, business product inside the shop.

Can small shop be registered as an IBG Enterprise?

• Of course. Adhere to IBG rules and regulations and you are approved. The IBG app platform does not differentiate business type and degree of enterprise capitalization.
• Enterprises have similar advantages on the IBG app. Discover the great features of the app to explore the market and gain market share.

What is the benefit of the company when joining IBG?

There are 06 benefits when businesses participate in the IBG app.
• Advertising free.
• Increase sales.
• Increase the number of new customers over time.
• Retaining loyal customers.
• Enhance brand awareness of the business.
• Create points, tools, increase the value with competitors in the same industry.

Why do businesses need to post videos when verifying?

• Recording a video about 30 seconds to 1 minute is not difficult.
• This app platform IBG wants us to be fair, there must be a real enterprise, real business products and services. In addition to the tax code, seal, website ...
• And the higher purpose is to protect the smart consumer community, protect equally enterprises to join this technology platform.

Is the X5 in the IBG app as a financial investment?

• No, it's not. In the active ecological IBG system, the features are not monetary (VND, USD) and compliance with the law.
• X5: is the user behavior (X5) 5 times to benefit points IBG service. After a period of getting X5 points, users can use more IBG Points Service.
• Example: Enterprise A owns 100 IBGs services. They can donate to 10 customers to retain customers. With the feature X5, businesses can use 100 IBGx5 = 500 points. And wait for a certain time, the algorithm will return 500 IBG. So if you give 1 customer 10 IBG, now the business can give 50 customers.
• Similarly, for users, when there are 100 IBGs the X5 feature helps X5 number the IBG. And when they receive 500 IBG, they will exchange more products since there was only 100 IBG before. Version 1.0 - Translated and published by IBG Vietnam
• IBG is essentially a point service. It is for exchange with products in the IBG applied ecosystem in peer-to-peer value. People can exchange IBGs on an individual basis and on a voluntary basis.
• App IBG does not participate because IBG exchanges between users and users. User with Enterprises.
• The IBG App is just the platform that connects Users and Businesses to societies found through different ecosystems.
• IBG builds an application ecosystem by activating the Enterprise into application and completely free. The same for users

App IBG is paying interest on investment for users 0.2%/day?

• No, It's not. We do not call for financial investment. We do not pay interest to any members when using the app.
• IBG is defined exactly: Loyalty point service for loyal customers.
• IBG service was born for businesses, businesses give point to customers for retains customers after customers purchase products from the business.
• When you use the Grab Bike or Grab Car service, after each trip, the Grab app gives you bonus points, many bonus points you can exchange for a free ride. Or use your bonus points to exchange for products of other businesses participating in the ecosystem in the Grab app. The same for IBG scores.
• The score of the application IBG refund 0.2% / day is an algorithm automatically generated based on the value that you have spent with the business or user.
• Example: You transfer 100 IBG Services to another person. The app's AI algorithm will be self-aware. Then spawns an amount equal to 80% / 100 IBG that you have transferred. And the app will automatically transfer to your account in principle, 0.2% x80 IBG / day. Until that 80% is over, the IBG Points Service will end.
• The IBG App is programmed by engineers using a multitude of different algorithms. The app works completely automatically according to what programmed.
• IBG USA, LLC is not involved in the process of operating the app. IBG USA, LLC only administers the app to make sure it's working properly.
• In other words, the IBG app is considered as a generation of Robots with the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) today. The Grab app in Vietnam is doing the same thing.

Can a personal account (Black ID) register for a shop on the IBG app?

• Personal ID (Black code) must complete the KYC account procedure. 
• Personal account is allowed to register for the booth on app, 01 product promotion box.

Business are misappropriation 20% points based on the value of exchange for IBG Service?

• In fact, 20% of the Enterprise's points are not withheld. In the principle of operation, the platform will automatically generate points based on the transaction value and return points regularly to the user account according to the algorithm, 0.2% / day.
• The purpose of the IBG App platform want to retain business, not occupy or keep the business score.
• On the IBG 4.0 platform, the online product promotion model is really effective if you compare it with the traditional business model at present.

Is there a limit on the number of IBG transfers for businesses on IBG app?

Yes, the platform operates on the community and behavior of the community. Limitation is essential to long-term development strategy of the project

In some cases, Shop does not sell quality products and services that affect the trust of the IBG app community, how the company solves it?

• A good platform can not fully control fake or poor quality goods and services. 
• A platform that allows exchangers to cross-evaluate themselves. A high rate, tag (star) will help you or your business have a high reputation in the community. 
• Real cases of fraud or deception community about products and services will be reviewed by the Legal Department of company and properly handled in accordance with the provisions of IBG USA, LLC. 
• Depending on the level of processing, the highest form is permanently delete the account

• When displaying products on IBG app, how can my store always be in the Top search? If I want to be on Top of the app, do you have to pay extra?

• The AI ​​algorithm (Artificial Intelligence) in IBG app will select your business to the Top position based on the criteria.
• For example: Many people tag, rate (star) on the product or service you provide, high views, high positive feedback & low dislike comments, you choose a good delivery partner, on-time delivery, delivering the right product ...
• You can also use the service package to Business in the future to be on the top. Your application will be reviewed by the IBG Vietnam Sales Department. Respond time to the application is not more than 07 working days from the time the advertisement is placed.

I'm a business, I display products on the IBG app, how will IBG help me sell? Will I pay for it?

• The display of goods on the IBG app is very simple as other sales channels. You need 1 - 3 pictures of the product. Product description information. The more detailed you describe the product, the easier for users to understand and stimulate demand. If you have the product manual, you will have an advantage, ...
• There is no fee for applying your Business to exchange products with IBG (IBG loyalty).

In 5000 businesses expected to be included in the IBG ecosystem, which industry groups will include?

All industry groups. Except for the types of enterprises specified in Article 6 of the 2014 Investment Law (61/2020 / QH14 Hanoi, June 17, 2020).
• Trading in drugs as prescribed in Appendix 1;
• Trading in chemicals and minerals specified in Appendix 2;
• Trading in specimens of wild plants and animals; specimens of endangered and rare wild fauna and flora according to the provisions in Appendix 3;
• Dealing in prostitution;
• Buying and selling people, human tissues, organs;
• Business related to human cloning.

Why is not allowed for Enterprise x5 IBG Points Service?

This is the policy set forth by IBG USA, LLC under Term and Condition. When your ID is Black, you can use x5 Points Service. Then you can update your account to Green code - Enterprise.

Does IBG perform the delivery or associate delivery companies, or Shop do the delivery?

• The IBG App is a service exchange platform. IBG's mission is to bridge the business with consumers around the world.
• IBG is not involved in logistics or freight, IBG focuses on the core of the application and develops the consumer community as well as the business community. To maximize benefits for ecosystem participants
• If the Business or Shop is not familiar with self-delivery, you can get help from a second party shipping service. The logistics industry has emerged in recent years a new business term, Drop Shipping. You just call the delivery unit, everything about your service let them take charge.

How is the security of the IBG app in general and the accounts in particular?

The IBG App's security system is built on the PCI DSS standard. The most advanced standard in the financial industry.

Is IBG coin (Crypto)?

IBG is not coin, the IBG app is a technology platform for the IBG (Loyalty Point) service.

What should I do if I don't receive OTP when I log in?

• This is very rare. But when your account does not have OTP you can call the company's support directly through the Customer Care Department. 
• You need to provide information to the support staff for verification. For example: Full name, Phone number, ID number, email ...

When I finished installing the IBG app, I entered the wrong referrer code. How do I do?

• The system will not allow you to modify this code to ensure fairness in community development. 
• Create your account again and take more careful code.

Is IBG running on Blockchain platform?

• The IBG App is not based on Blockchain technology. App IBG is built on the foundation of Cloud Computing, AI - Artificial Intelligence, 4.0 algorithm. System with the most modern technology today. 
• In addition, we use Blockchain's core algorithmic foundation: Decentralization, Balanced Network to build a sustainable ecosystem for long-term, stable development. 
• In Version 2 (2021), we have prepared a roadmap for the IBG Point Accumulation Service operating under the ERC-20 blockchain principle on the Ethereum network.

Which documents are valid for KYC verification?

• When registering for the IBG Platform app, It has information request forms, you only provide the correct information as required, the account will be KYC. 
• For example: ID card or ID card, SDT, Email ... 
• Your upload files cannot exceed 1MB of data. (You only need to use some basic image processing software to not exceed the capacity and still ensure the image quality).

Each user must fill out KYC information. How long does the KYC approval process take?

KYC approval process does not exceed 3 working days. The early days of launching app may take longer because the number of currently registered members exceeds expectations. We have prepared and responded well to the needs of the market

How is the security of my IBG account guaranteed ? What should I do if I lose my IBG for unknown reasons?

• IBG Platform Technology is applying the PCI DSS standard which is the highest standard in the technology and finance industry so there will be no unexcused loss.
• The main reason is to pass the wrong number to another member. Please check your account history.
• A transaction that occurs must be verified by OTP technology and transaction tracking.

I'm not good at technology, can I join?

Yes, the IBG app is designed very simply so it's very easy to use.

How can I get it back if I forgot my login password?

• Software system is available to help you recover your password, by sending a link to your email. By clicking on the link, you reset your password there. 
• Make sure that link you are about to click is sent from the IBG system. Avoid the scammer case.

Is IBG an eCommerce platform ?

• IBG is not an eCommerce platform. IBG is a 4.0 technology platform. Providing Loyalty point service for businesses, it's depending on the usage needs of each member when participating in the ecosystem. 
• IBG helps businesses introduce products on the 4.0 platform but does not allow direct sales from the platform

How many accounts can a person have in IBG?

Currently, each user authentication (ID - Identification) is only allowed to create 01 account. This is very clear at Term and Condition, you can see the information on the website.

I need IBG for smart consumption, what should I do?

First, you have to install IBG App, second, you need IBG, to get IBG you can exchange IBG in the community.

Customers installed IBG app, have IBG service points, can they exchange goods and services or do they have to follow any conditions?

No, but you have to KYC your account before exchange.

Is there a fee when convert from point to IBG?

No, it's all free. Every day you need to swipe the screen to convert Points into IBG Points Service.

Is the exchanging goods with IBG on IBG app as fast and convenient as on other sales websites?

• Our platform speed is 1s / Transaction / IBG. The rest is what you exchange with user, business then the parties can negotiate.
• Enterprise in the 4.0 era should know packaging techniques, labeling system, dropshipping ... to serve customers fastest. That is a competitive advantage.

If I do not convert my Points to IBG the previous day, will IBG points service be lost? Or, get double the next day?

No, system will add one more day to your account. The system works completely automatically like a robot, so everything is handled within 24 hours as a program.

What are the conditions for receiving daily point, or auto daily benefits?

It has. Every day you just need to open the IBG app then you make a swipe on the phone. Swiping the phone turns your Points into an IBG Service available every day.

How many countries does the IBG App using?

IBG has no regulations, you can use app in any country.

Who should join the IBG App?

All citizens except for members under the age of 18 and those with no civil act capacity.

I'm not an IBG Service investor, and I'm a Business. I can connect to the community using the IBG app. What are my rights and benefits?

IBG USA LLC sincerely thanks you, for helping us build our community. When you build the community under your, you get the community reward as defined by the project, which is the IBG Points Service.